Over the years I have compiled exercises that I have found useful to my students. I
have created these studies with the help and inspiration from the finest teachers in
the field such as Willie Thomas, Steve Hendrickson, Bob Stibler, Bobby Shew and
Clark Terry( there are many more not named here). I have also been enlightened  
from many years of teaching and spending hours discussing students with my
colleagues that  there are some common problems that can be easily addressed.
Most importantly, a systematic and organized approach to learning how to play the
trumpet and approach jazz improvisation is possible. I have included on this
website a sample of my approach to learning how to improvise as an example of
what I can offer the student. Thank you for visiting this site and I look forward to
sharing my many resources with you so that you may reach your goals.

If You're a music educator, I would be honored to have the opportunity to work
with your students. I'm available for educational clinics through the Yamaha
Cooperation. Please contact me for available times and dates.

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Trumpet Method and Jazz
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Some Sample

"Master your instrument, Master the
music, and then forget all that and just
Photo by Virginia Eaton