Thomas M. Palance
Thomas Palance is known for his versatility as a
trumpet player and innovative teacher. Tom started
The Orchestra On The Hill in 2007 with five
members. Since then, the orchestra has grown to a
full professional ensemble delighting audiences with
unique concerts. Tom retired from the US Navy
Band in Washington DC after 20 years of service. At
the band Tom held positions of assistant principal
trumpet and soloist with the concert band, and
soloist and Chief in Charge with the Commodores
Jazz Band.  In 2005 Tom relocated to Ipswich, MA
with his family where he is a freelance trumpet
player, composer, conductor and teacher. Tom has
served on the faculty at The Boston Conservatory,
The University of New Hampshire and Salem State
University and is now a professor at The Berklee
College of Music. Tom has created several
collaborative artistic projects such as “Tiento
Battu”, using dancers and musicians to illustrate
collective improvisation and two “Images” concerts;
a collaboration of animators, dancers, visual artists,
photographers and poets. He has released several
recordings, the latest titled “Reflecting Forward”
which features his original compositions. Tom
performs as a soloist with the Presto Orchestra, The
Orchestra On The Hill, and is in demand as a
freelance jazz and classical trumpet player, clinician
and artist with The Yamaha instrument
Corporation.  Tom has performed with The National
Symphony Brass Quintet, The Glenn Miller
Orchestra, The Portland Symphony, The
Temptations, Dizzy Gillespie, New England Chamber
Brass, and The Jimmy Dorsey Band.   
"Music washes away the dust of
every day life"