• Listener
  • Historian
  • Philosopher
  • Analyzer
  • Technician
  • Actor
  • Athlete
  • Inventor/innovator
  • Educator
  • Leader

Someone who can combine all of
these skills turning them into sound
which transcends each individual
skill, inspiring and emotionally
moving the listener is a musician.

TMP 11/11/09
Thomas M. Palance
Trumpet Artist and Educator
Photo by Terri Unger
Each summer I host jazz
camps for High School and
middle school age
musicians. In these camps
we promote creativity
through jazz music which
is our national treasure.
This music requires
expression of self, while
cooperating and
compromising with others.
These camps promote and
encourage working with
others to achieve a
sophisticated form of
expression; JAZZ
Some student quotes from
this year's camps:

"This camp was one of the
best  camps I have ever
been to! It was a lot of fun
and I met a lot of really
cool people! It was really
laid back and cool and we
still got a lot of stuff done.
I can't wait for next year!"

"This camp was an
absolute blast. Everything
was awesome. Thanks for
being a great
staff :)"

This was one of the best
weeks of my life. Nuff said."

"I don't think I've ever had
fun and the group of kids
was stellar, as was the
Our CD "Reflecting Forward" is now available here
Photo by
Kristina Brendal
Jazz Camps